Tenor Saxophonist and composer Francesco Geminiani comes from beautiful Verona (IT) before moving to Switzerland, NYC and Paris. An endless musical curiosity drives him across styles and melodies, sharing the stage with great human beings across the New and the Old World. Inspired by the masters, he embraces impressionism to connect with the curious listener.


Born in Verona (Italy), he began his musical studies at an early age choosing the saxophone as his main instrument.
Subsequently, he won several prizes such as the Siena foundation scholarship, the F. Jost foundation award and “Premio Luciano Zorzella”.
After obtaining his degree in Verona, he moved to Switzerland completing his studies at the “H.E.M.U. Lausanne”. During his stay in the Helvetic land he was selected to take part in the “DKSJ All Star Band”; this ensemble reunited the very best student instrumentalists resident in the country at that time.

In the summer of 2012 he auditioned for the prestigious “New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music”, where he obtained a scholarship that enabled him to move to New York City to accomplish his jazz and classical studies and dive into the active musical scene that only this city has to offer. In 2014 he obtained his Bachelor in arts with honorable mention.

Under great musical guides such as Michael Cherry, Rudolph Palmer, Robert Sadin and Gil Goldstein, he studied and practiced composition, orchestration and arranging techniques. He then formed the Playwood chamber ensemble, an octet aimed at creating a unique blend of classical music and improvisation.

In 2015 Geminiani started the “Colorsound trio” with some of the best up and coming young musicians in NYC: Rick Rosato on Bass and Mark Schilders on drums.

The Album Colorsound has been released in March 2018 by Auand records.

His second Album “Red Sky, Blue Water” will be released in spring 2021 by “Fresh Sound New Talent”. This time he is joined by a dynamic rhythm section with Manuel Schmiedel on piano, Rick Rosato on bass and Daniel Dor on drums.

Beside his work as a leader, Geminiani stands out as an in demand tenor saxophonist of its generation. Constantly performing and recording internationally, he is now based in Paris collaborating with great artists of the NY and European Scene such as Arthur Hnatek, Hermon Mehari, Plume, Marta Sanchez, Tony Tixer, Alessandro Lanzoni, Arnaud Dolmen…