Is wood that plays, wooden instruments that make music;
   Is a double quartet that blends together in a chamber ensemble;
     Is a jazz combo that works along with a string quartet;
       Is a group of very talented musicians sharing the same stage;
     Is original music never played before;
   Is a brew of African music, Classical tradition, Pop and Jazz;
Is Francesco Geminiani’s band.


Playwood is the original project of Francesco Geminiani, Italian tenor-saxophone player  and composer. This project takes its life from the stimulating experience in the American metropolis and the distinctive sounds and unique encounters that can happen only in New York.

Playwood means wood that plays, and this sound so warm, natural and rich holds in itself the experience of Francesco Geminiani during these last years in New York. The repertoire is entirely constituted of original compositions that space from African influences to classical music tradition and impressionism, from Pop songs to improvised music, from the tradition to modern jazz.

The inspiration for this project arrived during the last year of study at the “NewSchool for jazz” in Manhattan; being close to musicians as Kevin Hays, Ben Street, Doug Weiss, Robert Sadin and Gil Goldstein, Francesco could share musical experiences of high level that had a strong impact over his musicality, sound and musical direction. At the same time an idea for a new kind of band took shape, an ensemble that has an unique sound different from all the rest; a strong interest for the classical Western tradition, the orchestration, analysis and arranging grew and finally new original compositions started to materialize.

Playwood is the direct consequence of all that: a double quartet (jazz and string), a chamber octet of wooden instruments. This ensemble represents the most genuine and spontaneous way the saxophonist found to express his musical world.