Red Sky, Blue Water

Saxophonist Francesco Geminiani, 30, presents his first album since his move to the Old World. Entitled “Red Sky, Blue Water”, this record marks his debut under “Fresh Sound New Talent”. Now based in Paris after many years in NYC, where he was part of the contemporary jazz scene, Geminiani distinguishes himself as a leader and exceptional sideman thanks to his lyricism and versatility.

“Red Sky, Blue Water” is urban, with rhythms as flexible as the ever-changing daily schedules of city life, and harmonies that try to paint portraits of ephemeral moments and recreate those sensations in the listener’s imagination.

The city is my artistic element. Its people, its artists and the inspiration drawn from them, the ups and downs–mostly the downs–enrich my imagination and stimulate my creative process.

Every city has a different artistic vocabulary. NYC’s shaped mine. Leaving it for the Old World opened a new chapter in my life, and an opportunity to further evolve as an artist. 

This album is the product of this transition and my transformation.

Reuniting an ensemble of dear friends and creative musicians, Geminiani composed a repertoire of dynamic originals that served as launching pads for the musical interactions that followed.

Inspired by a fiery sunset over the Hudson River, the title track, “Red Sky, Blue Water”, is a lyrical and snaky piece. It races through harmonic neighborhoods and finds a spot for the saxophone and piano to meet, before making way for the intense drum solo. The next track, “SOS” is laced with urgency; it is dedicated to those people who are always there to bring you out of darkness. “34:98 o’clock” is based on an agile and flexible clave where the duality between the different rhythms gets exposed by the sculpted bass line. The city’s abstract nature is at the core of “Shapes”: every voice is independent yet, together, the soloists trade ideas and talk to each other, culminating in an unplanned and organic collective climax. “Luce” and “Ep.1_Tribeca Sunset” are my personal takes on the drive and aesthetic of modern NYC, with complex yet clear lines that sail over the city’s unmistakable pulse. The two covers of the classic standard “Chelsea Bridge” and the popular Italian song “Marina” have been refreshed and rearranged, to give the interpreters more room to explore and take risks. The album ends with “Moods”: abstract, lyrical, melancholic, free and ever evolving. 

This work is inspired by all the places and people I encountered during the last decade. Without these experiences I wouldn’t be the person and the musician I am today.

Francesco Geminiani / Saxophone and compositions
Manuel Schmiedel / Piano
Rick Rosato / Bass
Daniel Dor / Drums

All compositions by Francesco Geminiani, except “Chelsea Bridge” by Billy Strayhorn and “Marina” by Rocco Granata.

Produced by Francesco Geminiani
Executive producer Jordi Pujol

Recorded at “Big Orange Sheep”, Brooklyn – NY in November 2018 by Michael Perez-Cisneros
Mixed and mastered at “Big Orange Sheep”, Brooklyn – NY in February 2020 by Michael Perez-Cisneros

Artwork by Charles Berberian

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