Experiments in electronics, rhythm and composition

Clave sequencing

Advancing the steps of a sequencer in a non-linear fashion can result in some serious discoveries! While there are many ways to achieve a good result, I tend to take the “programmer” route and understand what my sequencer CAN and CANNOT receive as a triggering gate; for example the Buchla Easel Command step sequencer can […]

“melodic” polyrhythm?!

Organic polyrhythms are hard to obtain. Charles Cohen was a master of that and after having had his records on loop for some time I started to notice something interesting: how does he achieve polyrhythmic structures with only one sound?! easy, don’t repeat the common accents between the 2 (or more) rhythms, let me explain.I’m […]

The journey begins

An Interesting patch that could turn into something usable… AM Modulation is a great tool for extracting formant-like sounds because of the way it “simply” produces sidebands with frequencies at carrier+mod and carrier-mod. Ignoring the negative component (in this case it’s too low even to hear sometimes!) we are left with the positive component + […]